Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plumbing & Panties

Early in the afternoon on Saturday a very large woman went into the ladies restroom at the restaurant. According to several employees she "blew up" the restroom, which resulted in some extra cleaning being needed. The odor lingered long enough to prompt a discussion about toxic fumes

Around 5:30, my son the night manager, called me to inform me that the toilets in both restrooms were clogged. I told him to call Able Sewer and Drain Cleaning and have them come out. Able arrived shortly and unstopped the drains. I called William later to check on the problem. He told me that Able had just finished and read the bill to me. "I ran a cable back from cleanout outside to clear line. Pulled out a very large pair of women's underwear."

You just can't make this stuff up!! So on Monday morning, I was sharing this story with several regular customers. Several women customers suggested that I should have placed the underwear somewhere with a sign, "Are these yours?" or something similar. Winner of the free breakfast for the best comment was Charlie with "If you had a flagpole.." It was entertaining enough that I gave our Marketing Advisor a copy of the bill. I think that she's in charge of entertainment at her family gatherings.

Here's a chance for you to see for yourself.


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