Friday, July 22, 2011

Deep Fried Friday

First, it's hotter than (insert profane word of choice here) in North Carolina this week.

I just finished a bottle of water. I hate the new eco-friendly water bottles. They claim to use 50% less plastic. I believe it. It's like trying to water out of a plastic bag. It's tough enough to just hold it in your hand, much less to drink from it.

In three weeks, the members of the Leto High School Class of 1971 will gather for their reunion. They will do it without me. Why? Most of my friends in high school are not attending. Why go 700 miles and spend a bunch of money to hang out with people that you don't know? I have been to other class reunions so it isn't that I am anti-social. This year's reunion has a focus on music.There is a jam session on Friday. Unless that involves putting raspberry preserves on freshly baked scones, I'm not interested.

There are a few people that I would enjoy seeing, but I'm still not going. I am going to visit my mother instead. The number of reunion chances with Mom are limited.  Just for the record, if you are Teri Rubio, Pam Carpenter, Cindy Burel, John Paul Jones, Gerald Kaylor, David Riley, Jim Looker, Joe Hoffman, Joe Clark, Dennis Barry or Tim Bellinger, I'm sorry if you were there and I missed. I'll catch you next time!

E-mails: There are times that I want to remove the "Send" button from my e-mail program. I have been told that is above my skill level. My computer consultant suggested that I count to ten before hitting the "send" button. That's a lot for a guy with my focus skills to do. 

The pipe organ at Buffalo sounded like someone doing duck calls during one hymn last Sunday. The good news is that it drowned out my voice.

Sunday is Christmas in July at the restaurant. I have to go pick up a couple of gifts today. I know that this will stun most people, but I already have a couple of cards for those who rate a Christmas in July card.

On Wednesday evenings, we put Chef Bobby out on the curb to drum up a little business. I had a phone call from a woman on Wednesday who complained that she had been by there twice and had seen him "holding a humongous sign" (20" X 30").She complained that he was distracting. In other words, it's working. Thanks for the feedback, lady!

An acquaintance who reads this stuff was in the restaurant last night and told me that I had not mentioned The Queen in a while. The Queen has a bunch of projects working this summer, including helping us at the restaurant with a few things. She's great!! I'm sure that she will turn up in here again soon.


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