Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thoughtless Thursday

 I read a story yesterday about the trial of Warren Jeffs, the polygamist and pedophile, on trial in Texas. The prosecution played an audiotape of Jeffs allegedly having sex with a 12 year old, while other church members watched. I don't care what your religion teaches, that is is depraved behavior. Where is Jim Jones with that Kool-Aid when you really need it??

If the 12 year old had been my daughter, the only trial would have been mine for killing the pervert Jeffs. It would be no problem for me to convince a jury that scumbag should die.

Jon Stewart is ripping both Obama and the Tea Party for the debt ceiling deal. Another case of a liberal who doesn't know whether to #**# or go blind! Can anyone who knows anything about politics have thought they wouldn't make a deal??

A friend of a friend watches "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. She is the only person I know who watches MSNBC. She actually believes what she hears on the show. WOW!! I realize that Joe Scarborough was a Republican at one time, but I assume that was before his decision to forsake everything that he believed. If he is MSNBC's idea of a token conservative, they need to reconsider it.

Sitting at my military surplus store today, I have had my Nazi customer for the day. Rarely does a day pass that I do not have someone come in looking for Nazi gear. Two questions come to mind with this. What's going on in Reidsville? Am I buying surplus from the wrong army?

It is still hotter than (insert profanity here) in North Carolina. Last night, I listened to a rant from a customer about global warming. He was spouting about a story that the temperature yesterday was going to break a 123 year old record. This, he asserts, is proof of Global Warming. I responded with a simple, "What the ##@@ was going on a 123 years ago to cause that temperature?" Silence. Thanks.

Rainier cherries are in season right now. Yes, they are expensive, but I like them. I just finished a bag and will probably visit Harris Teeter this evening for more. If you try them and don't like them, don't waste your time telling me.

Tonight in Greensboro there is a Mayoral candidates forum. It is at the Republican party headquarters on Market St. If you can attend, I can't, ask Robbie Perkins a few tough questions for me. The good news for Robbie and other candidates is that I have no plans of moving to Greensboro. If I were a resident, I would have already led a march to burn City Hall.

In completely unrelated news, The Queen's birthday is but a few days away. To avoid being the target of The Queen's ire, I won't give the date. Happy Birthday, Queenie!!!!


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