Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Time!!

 On Wednesday night at Buffalo Church, our after dinner speaker was Representative Howard Coble. Howard represents the Sixth Congressional District of North Carolina. He was elected to Congress in the 1984 election. If my math is correct, he is serving his fourteenth term now.

Because districts change almost constantly, Howard has represented parts of Guilford and different surrounding counties over the last 26 years. I have voted for Howard several times. I think that he's a good conservative. He has done a good job representing this area.

Having said all of that, after watching Howard on Wednesday night, I have to say that it is time for him to retire. Howard is obviously getting older and is showing some of the effects of that. He sat on a stool at the podium during his presentation. His remarks tended to ramble more than any other presentation that I have heard him deliver. His chief of staff was on hand and helped him by prompting him on a couple of statements.

When he opened the floor to questions, I asked him a couple of questions. Okay, maybe it was three or four questions. Anyway, while Howard responded to my questions, I can't say that he answered my questions. My questions were not asked in attempt to embarrass Howard, I asked them to get his opinion. After the meeting ended, Howard approached me and told me that he wasn't sure if he had answered my questions, but that he felt that we were "on the same page". I agreed with him.

Howard needs to make this term his last. He should make a decision not to run again and make it now. The Republicans need all the time possible to find a candidate to replace him. Howard needs to go out on top. Like athletes, actors and musicians, politicians hang on too long. Examples that come to mind are Thurmond, Kennedy, Biden and Byrd.  The time comes for all of us to realize that we need to move on and let some one else take our place. For Howard, that time has come.

The years ahead will be difficult. While experience is helpful, so is a high energy level and a fresh perspective. Let's find a quality candidate to take his place!!


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