Monday, October 04, 2010

Senator O'Donnell?

Christine O'Donnell's race for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware is attracting attackers from both major political parties. According to her critics, Ms. O'Donnell is unqualified to belong to the Senate. I think that the only qualifications mentioned in the Constitution are to be 30 years old and to be a citizen of the United States. It appears that she is qualified.

A few years ago a senator described the U.S. Senate as "the greatest deliberative body in the world." The senator's remark transcends the level of ordinary "bullshit" and is some type of metaphysical "bullshit".

Let's be fair and see how Ms.O'Donnell compares to other members of "The world's greatest deliberative body."

Bill Maher has offered "proof" that Ms. O'Donnell "dabbled" in witchcraft. Is this like Ted Kennedy "dabbled" in alcoholism, philandering, and manslaughter?? Is she a better driver than the late "Lion of the Senate", the only person in history to drive off of the Dyke Bridge?

There are those who claim that Ms. O'Donnell has no experience to prepare her for the Senate. Two words, Al Franken. Minnesota sent an idiot to represent them in the Senate and suddenly we're worried about qualifications??

Are they afraid that she can't hang out in the men's room like Larry Craig? Did she belong to the Klan like Robert Byrd?? Will she stay in the Senate until she is senile like (Insert your choice of names here)?? Does she have the morals of John Edwards?? Can she sexually harass like Bob Packwood? Can she be as big a bitch as Barbara Boxer?

Will she be real a Republican or will she be like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins? How will she compare to Bernie Sanders, the only admitted Socialist in the Senate? They are both from small states. She's from Delaware, "The First State". He's from Vermont, "Site of one of the original 13 gay bars".

I am a believer in the theory that we could pick 535 people out of the phone book and do as well as the Congress we have now. Go ahead, vote for O'Donnell. It won't be boring.


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