Friday, October 01, 2010

A Congress of Cowards

The U.S. Congress adjourned this week and headed home to seek re-election.

Congress passed a healthcare bill that few taxpayers wanted and then failed to act to prevent tax rates from increasing next year. Now they are coming home to run for office again?? Are you kidding me?? Is there a group more out of touch with America than Congress?

The only Democrats willing to talk about healthcare are those who voted against it. What are the rest of the Democrats going to give you as a reason to vote for them?

The Republicans need to own up to losing touch a few years ago if they want us to support them. It is not enough to tell us what you are going to do if we elect you, tell us why you didn't do it before.

Obama, Obummer, O'blamer, whatever! I'll vote for the first son of a bitch who will pledge to start impeachment proceedings against that arrogant ass. I can't take much more of O'bitcher complaining because he thinks that we aren't smart enough to appreciate all that he wants to do to us. Pardon me, do for us. The new O'blamer slogan, One and done!! For the slow among you, that means one term and he can take his ass back to Chicago and help Rahm Emmanuel break the city of Chicago. By the time those boys finish, the Great Chicago Fire will look like urban renewal.

Here's a pointer for voting for Congress this year. If you can't remember the name of the person who held office before your current representative because it has been so long, it's time to change. We can't do any worse than this crowd.


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