Friday, August 27, 2010

Is there a vaccine for stupid??

Forget about AIDS and cancer, how's that vaccine to prevent stupid coming?

This thought was running through my mind yesterday as I dodged an accident on the way to work. Allow me to describe the incident.

I was southbound on US 29 in Greensboro between Market St. and Lee St. I was in the right lane doing between 55 MPH and 60 MPH. Traffic was pretty heavy and there were several cars in the turn lane to my right headed towards Lee St. About six or seven cars in front of me, I saw a Pontiac van with something on top of it.

About two seconds after I saw the van, its cargo suddenly became much clearer. The moron had a king or queen size mattress and box spring set on top of his van. At that instant the rope or string holding the mattress set in place broke. The mattress set flew off and landed in the right lane where I was. The four or five cars in front of me scrambled to clear the mattress set. I swerved to the right and cleared the new highway bedroom set. The moron responsible had pulled off and was looking out the van window to watch the action.

After a few seconds of some high grade profanity expression, I settled down. My mind turned to the dumbass responsible for this. What kind of idiot ties a mattress set to his car roof and gets out onto a major highway?? It's bad enough to try this on a road in town where the speed limit is 30 MPH, but to think that the mattress will stay in place at 60 MPH is just stupid.

A person who would do this is more than run of the mill stupid. This is some kind of metaphysical stupidity. They must have missed every science class in school. They must have never flown a kite, never thrown a paper airplane, never stood in front of a fan. The only question left to ask is, When will they do it again?


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This dunb - ass is sadly what the American people have become.Cant find their butt with both hands.
Billy Shiversioadrsr 12


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