Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Views on the News

A news story on March 26 told of white men abandoning Obama and the Democrats in droves. Frankly, I am stunned that this is even news.

Obama goes to Afghanistan in a surprise visit. You know that when you are going to a war zone to find a friendly crowd, it is pretty bad at home. If I had signed that health care bill, I would have gotten the hell out of town also.

Ricky Martin announces that he is gay. NOOOOOOO! What next?? Is the sun rising in the east tomorrow? This announcement is on the same shock level as Clay Aiken's announcement that he is gay.

A headline and photo today proclaimed that 70 year old Nancy Pelosi was bringing back "sexy". When I get past the dry heaves stage, I may be able to comment on this ludicrous statement about the socialist bitch from San Fagcisco.

Several large corporations are starting to take charges against earnings for new costs of health care. This can't be happening!! Health care costs are all going down now that Obamacare is here. Next to the claims that the Demoncrats made about Obamacare, global warming sounds believable.


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