Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obamacare, the plantation grows

Why does Obamacare impose a 10% tax on tanning salons? Because the Democratic Party core doesn't need or use them.

If this package is such a great deal, why won't the President and his cabinet be covered by it?

Obama may regret his bashing of the Supreme Court at the State of the Union speech when the state challenges of Obamacare reach the court.

Obamacare is not about health care. It is about making more people dependent upon the government. It is a blatant attempt to tax me more in an attempt to buy votes from people too lazy to get a job.

Before the Civil War, there was a plantation system. Plantation owners fed, housed, and clothed slaves. The slaves worked in the fields. In the federal plantation system, the government distributes money, food stamps, and government housing. But no one has to work anymore, just vote straight Democratic tickets in every election.

It wasn't handouts that made the United States the greatest country on earth, it was work.

Bart Stupak, must be a misprint for stupid. I hope that Obama printed that executive order on toilet tissue. That's the only use for it.

When you look at all of the special little favors that are in the "health care-less" bill, you realize that bribery is evidently legal in Washington.

Joe Wilson, the South Carolina congressman who shouted "You Lie!" during an Obama speech last year should be nominated for sainthood. He was attacked for being rude. I don't believe that any etiquette rules call for you to sit quietly while someone blatantly lies to you.

Is it too early to take our guns and head to Washington? We will explore that in a future post. I will close today with a quote from Joe Biden,
"This is a big fucking deal."


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