Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does Barry know business?

A Bloomberg survey shows that 77% of investors think that Barack Obama is anti-business. Frankly, I thought that the number would be higher.

There have been absolutely no indications that Barry understands even the most basic concepts of capitalism. Here's a guy who never even ran a lemonade stand. He doesn't understand how jobs are created or profits made. He confirmed this when he went on a rant about fat cat bankers and how he will tax them.

The big banks that Obama hates have actually repaid the TARP bailouts that they received. So naturally Barry wants to pass a special tax on banks. What about AIG, GM, Chrysler, etc?? Barry bailed out the auto manufacturers to save the UAW jobs and their straight party Democrat votes. Bankers don't vote a straight party ticket. I still don't understand the AIG thing.

I doubt that any liberals read this, but just in case they do, I am offering a solution for this problem. Barry needs to get out into the real world and get some experience. To that end, I am offering to host Barry's first day in the restaurant business. He can show up at 5:00 A.M. and hang out with me for eleven or twelve hours. He has to spend the day and not just make a token appearance. He can find out what talking to the public without a teleprompter is like. He can learn what it is like figure out how to make your income match your expenses. A little face time with a different class of folks than he normally meets will do him a world of good.

What's in it for me to help Barry with his working education? I am going to let him fill out all of those government forms that he thinks are a good idea.

You know where to find me Barry. Give me a call! Breakfast is on me!


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