Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Barry

Dear Barry,

Just in case your friends and staff members haven't explained the situational change to you, I thought that I would drop you a quick note. Barry, the Reader's Digest version is that you got your ass handed to you yesterday in Massachusetts. A Republican beat your candidate by five points to win the Senate seat of the late Fat Teddy. Just for a little perspective, I will point out that there has not been a Republican in that seat in my lifetime. I'm older than you, Barry.

How now, brown cow? Here's my suggestions for you to regain some credibility. I think the slang term is "street cred", but as a Harvard grad I am sure that you understand the idea.

1. Remember all those promises of "transparency"?? It's time to make good on them. I'll be watching C-Span!!

2. Bi-Partisanship? You will need to involve those folks on the other side. If you want public support, give this a shot.

3. Change? Gingrich says it best, "Real change requires real change". You won the election, stop running!! It's time to deliver on all those promises.

4. Let me blunt Barry, this isn't Chicago. That style of politics won't play to a national audience. We just don't appreciate graft and corruption.

5. How to put it all together?? Go on television tomorrow. Tell us what we all already know. You screwed up!! The only way out of this for you is to admit the whole health care reform bill is fatally flawed and tell us that you are going to start all over. That way after you take another ass kicking in November, you won't have to watch the new Congress repeal your current health care bill.

As Kay Hagan says,
Your Friend


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