Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wet Wednesday Thoughts

The Tiger Woods saga is gaining momentum. Apparently Tiger was playing 18 holes a day and then going out for a round of golf. Tiger claims that he was motivated by the old cemetery ads telling people, "get lots while you're young". If his career as a golfer goes south, he is one hell of a juggler. Maybe Bill Clinton needs someone to handle his schedule.

The Andrews sisters of Greensboro left a comment on my post "Kay Hagan vs The fetching Mrs. Loman". Ed, I would have called you but it was only a couple of days before Thanksgiving and I didn't want to pull you out of the buffet line at the Embassy Suites.

The economy is in the toilet and we are sending more troops to Afghanistan to protect the opium supply, so what's the big agenda in the House of Representatives? You guessed it! They want to force the NCAA to implement a playoff system for the college football championship. I guess that this is the only relief that they can offer the unemployed.

From the Senate: Barbara Boxer, the California Cunt, is comparing denying women abortion coverage in the proposed "health care plan" with denying men Viagra coverage. I am having a little trouble with comparing taking a life with getting an erection, but maybe in California this makes sense. I doubt that any reduction in Viagra usage would result in any change in the number of abortions.

In the news last week, Governor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger of California showed a map of a flooded San Francisco if the oceans continue to rise. I am trying to see the downside of this. In the meantime, I turned on all of the faucets at work in an effort to raise those levels.

Only 16 shopping days left until Christmas. Have you ordered your Chia Obama???


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