Friday, December 25, 2009

The Passionate Patriot

I was in Fort Walton Beach last week visiting my mother and visited the T-shirt Connection on Racetrack Road. I had driven by there several times, but finally stopped in after seeing some of his shirts and bumper stickers on display outside. I bought four shirts and they threw in a couple of bumper stickers. He uses good quality shirts and puts great conservative messages on them.

I bought a "Charter Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" shirt and a "Gun Owner or Victim, Choose One" shirt. I bought my wife a "Shoot like a girl, If you can" shirt. I bought my older son a "Don't tread on me" shirt with "Tyranny Response Team" on the back.

I almost never plug any businesses here, but since the morons in Washington are intent on destroying freedom, I am making an exception.

Go to

Buy some shirts and bumperstickers. Silence is consent!


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