Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health care reform??

The Anointed One has signed the alleged health care reform bill so Nancy Pelosi is letting us find out what is in it. As I do not have the time to read the 2700 page bill, let me just ask a few questions.

Where is the provision to help hospitals cope with the losses incurred treating illegal aliens? Are we requiring illegals to purchase insurance?

Obama's next big push will be immigration reform. Yes, we need more people to vote Democratic to offset the millions pissed off about the health care bill.

To provide medical care for an additional 30 or 40 million people will require more doctors and nurses. Where is the provision to expand medical schools and give financial assistance to those wanting to be doctors and nurses?

We need more doctors and nurses but instead we are getting 15,000 new IRS agents to make sure that we are buying insurance.

Doctors are forced to practice defensive medicine to avoid lawsuits. They test you for every disease known to man when you go in with a sore throat. Where are the reforms to help deal with malpractice suits??

It is worth pointing out that trial lawyers are the largest or second largest group of donors to the Democratic Party. If you don't think that lawyers are a problem with health care, turn on your television and watch the commercials. No TV, no problem. Pick up a magazine, read a newspaper, check out the billboards as you drive. Apparently if you are sick, you should race to an attorney.

We have become the "Litigation Nation". Something is always someone else's fault. If your buddy takes so much Viagra that his dick turns blue and he can't breathe, it's worth a couple of million dollars. Ridiculous awards contribute to the high cost of health care. Did Obama, a lawyer, do anything about this??

Obamacare regulates the salaries of drug company executives. Do socialists understand capitalism?? How can this be legal under our Constitution? Let's see Obama try to regulate pay scales in the NBA or the NFL.

So what do we have in this "health care" bill?? We have a Congress that is stealing our money to buy votes from people too lazy to work. They are led by a President who is so arrogant that he thinks that we have been wandering the wilderness waiting for him to lead us out. Let's vote these bastards out!!


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