Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday- This Just In!!!

The National Enquirer claims that there are two more Al Gore sex incidents being investigated by police.

There are two phrases that I had hoped to never see together in print, "Al Gore" and "Sex scandal". Who knew that one day global warming would affect Al's pants?? What did you expect? Al did spend eight years studying at the feet of the master, Bill Clinton.

Carolyn Coleman, Guilford County Commissioner, went to Raleigh the other day to participate in a protest against the Wake County School Board's decision to bring back neighborhood schools. She views this as a return to segregation. Apparently Carolyn is color blind. James B. Dudley High School, just a few miles from Coleman's home, is comprised of 94% black students, 3% Hispanic students, 1.1% mixed race students, less than .7% white students, and less than .2% Asian students. These numbers are from the school's official website. The question Coleman needs to answer is "Why is it OK to have a neighborhood school like Dudley in Greensboro, but not in Raleigh?" The answer is simple. Coleman, like many others, believes that integration means "I can go to your school but you can't come to mine." Why aren't black leaders in Greensboro calling for Dudley's student body to match the racial makeup of the entire Guilford County school system? The answer is again amazingly simple. They believe that blacks are entitled to have "their" school, but whites and other groups are not allowed to have "their" school. What's the hypocrisy level in this??

This liberal thought process is why we have a Congressional Black Caucus, but not a White Caucus. We have a United Negro College Fund, but not a United Caucasian College Fund. We have Historically Black Colleges but not Historically White Colleges. But before you assume that liberal stupidity is all about race, it isn't.There are only one or two all-male colleges left in this country, while there are almost 200 all-female colleges left in this country, one here in Greensboro. This is the result of a dumbass liberal concept of equality that says "Equality means that I can have what you have, but you can't have what I have."

The Greensboro ABC Board is meeting today in regards to a critical report issued last week about the ABC manager. The real problem is that the government is responsible for the distribution and sale of liquor in the state. What business is it that the government runs so well that would make you think that they could operate anything??

I have to take a different route to work today. A couple of lanes on U.S. 29 are blocked by an overturned tractor trailer that was hauling turkeys to a processing plant in Virginia. Cleanup efforts have been hampered by motorists stopping to secure a free Thanksgiving dinner.


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous KB said...

I've thought some of your thoughts before, but hadn't taken the time to publish them. I appreciate your comments. I have heard this opposing argument and want to get your opinion on it.
-Most colleges are historically white and male. And congress, yep, mostly white and male. So, an all female college and an historically black college and a negro college fund are all unique and important for the minority to feel heard within the majority. There's no need to call a school historically white... when all of them were.

Your thoughts?


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