Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy Meal??

The loons in San Francisco are at it again!! They are trying to pass a law requiring that McDonald's eliminate the toy from their Happy Meals or add fruits and vegetables to the meals.

City leaders in San Francisco are the answer to that age old question, How damned stupid can one group of humans be??

If you live in San Francisco, the city leaders do not think that you are qualified enough as a parent to decide whether or not your child can have a toy. You aren't smart enough to decide what your child should eat, so they will decide for you.

Their actions serve to support my belief that there is NO aspect of your life too small for those in government to seek to control. In the news story that I read, someone was speaking about how "progressive" San Francisco is. Progressing to what?? They are racing towards socialism. They are progressing individual rights and freedoms right out of town.

But wait!! San Francisco does not tell everyone about harmful behavior. San Francisco is home to thousands of gay men. You have to love the city leaders of San Francisco. Their position is don't eat French Fries, they will make you fat. But somehow sexual behavior that can lead to AIDS is overlooked. Where are the laws prohibiting or regulating homosexual sex?? Too busy dealing with Happy Meals.

On November 2, remember that Nancy Pelosi represents part of the San Francisco area. Enjoy your burger and fries!


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