Friday, November 07, 2008

Please Drink the Kool-Aid!!

I received another anonymous comment accusing me of being a racist for my comments about "The One". This is the style of the left, if you oppose anything that they believe in, you are obviously a sociopath. Thanks for the comment, whoever you are.

In high school in Florida, we were required to take a one semester course entitled "Problems of American Democracy" in our senior year. Naturally enough when I was finally in my senior year, they expanded the course to TWO semesters. The experiment failed and the next year the course returned to one semester. Anyway, an important part of the class was a unit called "Americanism versus Communism." I loved the class. In this era of political correctness, I doubt that the class is still offered.

Why mention the PAD class? Because the anonymous guy who commented doesn't understand a simple fact. I am opposed to Obama because I am a capitalist, not a racist. The world does not revolve around race, contrary to what many believe. Obama is at best a socialist and at worst a Communist. Has Obama ever run a business? As a child did he even operate a lemonade stand? He's another lawyer from Harvard, what actual experience of middle class America does he have? How many times has he been up late at night wondering how he will buy groceries, pay the electric bill, and still have enough left to pay the mortgage?

A friend of mine worked in several governmental jobs before returning to the private sector a few years ago. He now describes himself as a "born-again capitalist". The main problem that we have in government is that bureaucrats have no idea how business works or where the money to fund government comes from. The government is confused, the only reason it exists is because we allow it. When we decide to withdraw our approval, they will know.

I don't oppose "The One" because he's black. He's actually only one half black, so at the worst, I could only be half a racist. I oppose "The One" because he's a leftist who thinks that the answer to a poorly performing government is more government.

So to my anonymous commenting acquaintance, the next time that you are at an Obama rally, double up on the Kool-Aid ration.


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