Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia, Paris, and John

Told that Russian troops were invading Georgia, Obama is reported to have asked, "Can't South Carolina help them?"

We should have known that something was going on in Russia when Putin was interviewed a couple of weeks ago and was humming "Georgia on my mind."

Under the absurd idea that the world is distracted by the Olympics, Russia chose this time to reacquire some territory. John Edwards used the same "Maybe no one will notice" theory to announce his love affair with the Camilla look alike.

In related news, The National Enquirer continues to claim that Edwards is the father of Camilla's baby. Edwards denies the story, but I think that we've been this way before.

Oil prices continue to drop, but gasoline prices are slower in falling. Maybe there is a connection between the price of gasoline and the record profits in the oil industry. Drill here, drill now! Email your moron in Congress.

Paris Hilton's recent video in response to McCain's ads was entertaining. Deleted before distribution was the scene where Paris was asked about her position on offshore drilling. "I like being on the bottom when we have sex in the boat" was her Kennedy-like response.

A Democratic Party ad here in North Carolina attacks the Republican candidate for governor because he does not support the "Free Community College" idea. No word from the Demoncrats on how we will pay for "free" community college.

Obama supports an increase in the minimum wage to $9.00. Obama has never met a handout program that he couldn't support.

In Los Angeles, the City Council has voted to ban construction of new fast food restaurants in part of the city. They are concerned about the health of the residents in the area. Interestingly enough, there is no ban on stores selling alcohol or tobacco in that same area. Just a reminder that there is no aspect of your life too small for the government to want to control.


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