Saturday, May 17, 2008

Throw the bastards out!!!

This is a big election year in the United States. We are electing a President, the entire House Of Representatives, one third of the Senate, several governors, and thousands of local officials.

All of these elected officials work for us. It's time to hire some new employees!!
Look at the issues that are important to you and see what your officials have done to address these issues. If they have done nothing, it's time to terminate their employment. I'm not interested in excuses or political explanations. If you are an elected official and have failed to address the issues that are facing us, your ass is out of here!!

Look at our current problems and ask yourself, "Will I put up with this shit for two more years?" If your answer is NO, throw the bastards out. We could elect thousands of mental midgets and be in no worse condition than today.

Let's look at third party candidates and see if there is any hope there. Obama talks about change in Washington. Maybe he's right. Let's find some folks who aren't Democrats or Republicans. Those two groups have been lying to us and screwing us for more than 100 years. Let's give someone else a chance. Can we do any worse???


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