Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good news for Hillary and more

The Breck Girl, AKA John Edwards, came out yesterday. Now that your mind is working in the wrong direction, the Breck Girl came out yesterday for Barack Obama. Yes, in a move waited for by almost all of the thirteen Iowa Democrats who supported him, John Edwards endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama. Now the rumors are flying that the Democratic ticket will be Obama-Edwards. Republicans should be so lucky. It would be difficult to find two Senators who have done less in their time in Washington than this pair of clowns.

Closer to home, three criminals have been charged and a fourth is being sought in connection with a string of break-ins in nearby Burlington, NC. The suspects are from the Greensboro area. From the News & Record coverage of the arrests comes this jewel. "Investigators have not found a clear motive as to why the group was targeting homes in Burlington other than a desire to commit a crime away from their hometown." Time to realize that we can't salvage all the members of our society. It may be time to bring back penal colonies. We can just start air dropping them over Cuba.

An article online this morning called John McCain the "savior of the Republican party." One of us doesn't understand the meaning of "savior".

With no one else running, McCain can't get more than 75% of the votes in the Republican primaries. The word isn't savior, it's PROBLEM. If the Demoncrats run Obama and the Republicans run McCain, this is THE year to be a third party candidate. There is an opening for a conservative in the race.

In Guilford County, voters recently approved more than $100 million in bonds to build a new jail. Frankly, I can't believe that a few acres of land, some government surplus tents, a few rolls of barbed wire, and a handful of dogs would cost that much. Who gives a rat's ass if the guys caught breaking into your house are comfortable?? Prison should be such a miserable experience that no one wants to go back.

In shocking news, the North Carolina Community College system has decided that illegal immigrants cannot be admitted. Finally someone in government has grasped what "illegal" means. This is just in time as Democratic candidate for governor, Bev Perdue, is promising FREE tuition at Community Colleges. North Carolina is already one of the cheapest states in the country for college education. No word from Ms. Perdue as to how much more the taxpayers will be fleeced to support this idea.


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