Friday, April 25, 2008

What's important??

The price of gasoline goes up on a daily basis. Food prices are soaring in grocery stores. Drugs, crime, droughts, and a host of other things plague the state of Florida. So last Thursday, as the price of gas went up ten cents a gallon, the Florida Senate dealt with a pressing issue. Yeah, right! The Senate debated a bill outlawing the plastic testicles that you see hanging from trailer hitches on trucks and SUVs. Apparently, the sight of a pair of plastic balls is causing more concern than the price of gasoline. I wish that they would have tackled the really tough issue of those big crown shaped air fresheners in cars. How about those fuzzy dice hanging from rear view mirrors?? What about all those bogus "Honor Roll Student" bumper stickers? How about those big "MEXICO" decals on pickup rear windows?

John "Insane" McCain said that the North Carolina Republican Party is out of touch with reality. Has John been to Florida? We may be out of touch, but at least we didn't waste a day discussing plastic testicles!! I guess we just didn't have the balls for it.


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