Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catching up

I would have written sooner, but I have been under sniper fire with Hillary and Chelsea in Bosnia.

Yes, I'm one of those of those "bitter" people with guns that Obama has spoke so eloquently about lately.

Yes, I'm still sticking to my prediction of Gore as the Democratic candidate for President. Neither of the clowns presently in the race can win on the first ballot. Delegates are only committed on the first ballot. After that, they will turn to Gore to unite the party, reinvent the Internet, save the world from Gorebal warming, and turn the nation around. Rumor is that some Democrats believe that on the seventh day, Al will rest.

Is John Edwards, the Breck girl, still alive?

I was pulling for Gingrich as the GOP nominee, but unless McCain buys the farm before the convention, that isn't going to happen. Anyway, Newt's on my shit list for agreeing to appear in some ads with Gore the Bore about Gorebal warming. Newt had such promise at one time.

How about Condi Rice as McCain's vice president? If the Republicans run a black woman, the Democrats won't know whether to shit or go blind.

Bill Clinton called Elliot Spitzer a few weeks ago and said, "Boy, you paid for what???" Coming soon, a post on the high cost of sex.

I saw a sign at a car wash in Reidsville recently, "Now excepting debit and credit cards". Does this mean that they will take anything EXCEPT debit and credit cards? Or is it just another tribute to the failure of publik edukashon?

Several politicians are suggesting that we temporarily suspend the gas tax to cut fuel prices. Here's a thought, let's drill for our own oil. Heard of Alaska? Frankly, I care more about getting to work in the morning than about some frigging caribou. If the environmentalists had been around, there would still be dinosaurs. The only species that I worry about becoming extinct is man. The rest can fend for themselves.

An excellent letter in the local paper recently brought out a great point, do we have a withdrawal plan in the war on poverty?

Some moron on TV was griping that we can't garrison Iraq for the next ten years. We have been in Germany since 1945. I guess that doesn't count since the Germans have beer.

The oil company executives testifying before Congress about their profits was good entertainment. Their claims about small profits were almost as believable as the tobacco company executives who testified years ago that they didn't know that cigarettes were addictive.


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