Friday, January 04, 2008

Does anyone in government understand "illegal"??

The folks who run the North Carolina Community College system have decided that all community colleges must admit illegal immigrants. Apparently the word "illegal" is not easily understood by "educators". As a taxpayer and a citizen, I am more than a little curious as to why my tax dollars should be used to educate those who are here illegally. Perhaps Governor Sleasley, pardon me, Governor Easley, could take a moment and explain this to me. Incidentally, none of the announced candidates for governor supports this idea.

In a moment of complete boredom yesterday, I looked at an issue of Pravda (Time Magazine). An article by the famed leftist Joe Klein caught my eye. Mr. Klein wrote about Presidential candidates being stunned to find out that the leading issue among voters is illegal immigration. Mr. Klein then explained how illegal immigrants actually contribute more in taxes than they use in government services. Of course, he does not actually offer any data to support these claims. I started to write a letter to Pravda rebutting Mr. Klein's statements, but I have been unable to get past my opening statement, "Bullshit!" Possibly I can work through this writer's block later in the week.

Erskine Bowles, perennial Senatorial candidate and president of the University of North Carolina System, says that we need to admit illegal aliens to the UNC system and at in-state tuition rates. Bowles claims that to do otherwise would "Create a permanent underclass." The only "permanent underclass" that I am worried about Bowles creating is the underclass of TAXPAYERS who have to fund his views.

I am more than a little confused on this whole issue. As an employer, I have to make sure that my employees all have the legal right to work in this country OR I can be fined. In the meantime, the state wants to admit people who cannot legally work here to a state college, where I can subsidize their education. When they get out of school, I still can't legally hire them for the job that I subsidized their training for in school. Why would we do this?????


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