Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Theatre of the Absurd

Senator "Fat Teddy" Kennedy opposed the nomination of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General because Mukasey refused to make a statement on "waterboarding". If Mukasey had any courage, he would have told Fat Teddy that while he would not make a statement on waterboarding, he would make one on young women suffocating in a Senator's car while submerged. Forget waterboarding! You can just strap a terrorist into Fat Teddy's backseat and have Ted try to drive him over a bridge. That's as close to simulating drowning as anyone needs to get before telling all they know.

The United States Senate is going to investigate several evangelists to see if they are misusing donations. Hello??? Anybody home in the Senate? How about the Senate releasing a financial statement? Senators are concerned that evangelists are being chauffeured around in expensive cars. Who do those people think they are, Senators?? How many government officials ride in limos? How about a count on that one, Senators?? If Billy Bob and his semi-literate cousin and wife Earline, want to send Oral Roberts twenty bucks, I don't care. At least it is voluntary. I don't believe that the payment of taxes to support the US Senate and the rest of the government is voluntary. I guess the government thinks that it is the only organization allowed to squander the public's money!!

An employee asked me the other day how I felt about "waterboarding"? I told him that I would answer as soon as he told me how he felt about videotaped beheadings. I'm still waiting for an answer.

Hillary Clinton believes that her experience as First Lady qualifies her to be President. The good news for the Democrats is that if sleeping with Bill Clinton qualifies a woman for the Presidency, they have quite a selection available.

To the person who asked me if the Hollywood writer's strike is responsible for my infrequent postings of late: Call the doctor, tell him to cut the dosage or change your medication. It isn't working.

Continuing in that vein, I can't believe that the late night shows are in reruns due to the writer's strike. This means that Leno and Letterman don't know enough other comedians to help them come up with five minutes of material for a monologue four times a week. That's pathetic! Brittany Spears is still running loose and they can't come up with anything funny?

Gas went up twenty cents a gallon in one day last week. So naturally enough, as mentioned earlier, the United States Senate is investigating evangelists. If only Exxon were a church!


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