Sunday, April 27, 2008

High Gas Prices got you stumped???

High gas prices are like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. Here are a few suggestions for you and the government to try.

Hillary Clinton says that if elected, she will immediately begin an investigation to see if the market has been manipulated. She will also start a study to see if the sun rises in the east. Let's try something that will take less than a hundred years to find a solution.

What if we all reduce our gasoline usage by 5%? The gasoline distribution system is set up for deliveries, not long term storage. When gasoline, which does have a shelf life, starts backing up in the pipelines, the price will drop. Those unable to believe this are directed to any text explaining supply and demand.

What if we turn it over to the Congress and let them come up with an answer? First. get your horse and buggy ready to go. Congress will move at a pace that will make Hillary's solution look like a blitzkrieg.

Here's the Jones RMOL short term solution. The country is at war. Ask around if you don't know this. We are fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the "war on terror" that is happening at airports and government buildings near you. As in World War Two, the government needs to nationalize some businesses to make sure that we are successful. Time for the feds to take over the oil companies. This will send prices down as if on a slide. This will help us in our war efforts. The side effect is that the economy will survive. At this point, you are probably thinking, "Is he crazy?" More than likely, but I digress. The government can quite easily deal with those record profits at Exxon and other oil companies. What business is the government in that makes a profit? The President can do this by Executive Order, no need for Congress to come to life. This has been done before, check a history book.

The RMOL long term solution is simple. Let's drill for oil where we fly the red, white, and blue. Give oil companies tax breaks for drilling on US soil only.
What about the environmentalists, caribou, and spotted owls? Ship them all to Saudi Arabia to fight the Arabs for their oil.


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