Saturday, May 10, 2008

Attention Congress!! How Far?

How far is the United States Congress out of touch with reality?
I can't answer this one in a day, but let's start with a couple of examples.

Gasoline is up about a $1.00 a gallon so far this year. If your congressman has introduced any legislation addressing this, send me their name now. Congress is waiting for Bush to act, while Bush waits for the market to act, while the market waits for Congress to act. Here's a thought. Somebody, anybody, get off your ass and do something!! How far down the toilet does the economy go before somebody in government takes action? These people are so unconcerned that they are doing NOTHING in an election year. Reward them by voting for someone else.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Georgia, has introduced legislation to end the sale of Playboy, Penthouse, etc. to soldiers at base exchanges overseas. Let's see, we're fighting two wars, people dying, government spending out of control, economy in the toilet, no need to mention edukashon, and Broun wants to end the sale of skin magazines? I'm thinking that this is pretty low on my list of problems. Paul, why not take a shot at something a little more pressing?

McCain, Clinton, Obama, and others have all spoken about a gas tax holiday. Has anyone introduced any legislation? Hello! You are all Senators, this is in your job description!

Here are a few other ideas for legislation for our resting congressmen.

Everybody talks about the trade deficit with China. I think that we are all in agreement that there is a problem. How about some solutions?

Illegal immigrants, heard of them? How about some action before the Senate Dining Room starts serving burritos and refried beans?

NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA! How about some trade legislation that works? Ross Perot was right, all we can hear is that big sucking sound.

Taxes. Could we cut the load a little for people who actually have jobs and earn incomes? No need to cut taxes for people who don't pay them.

Social Security, the world's biggest Ponzi scheme is unsound (Surprise?). We need relief soon, at least by the time I get there.

These are a few starting points for you clowns spending our money. Call when you do something of value!!


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