Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eggheads and African-Americans????

There's trouble in paradise!! The Democratic Party is tearing itself apart trying to decide whether Obama or Clinton should be the nominee for President. Paul Begala, Democratic strategist, said that they need support from more than "eggheads and African-Americans" to win. He suggests that Hillary has this support while Barack is still working on it. The real story is what they are all dancing around but not discussing, the racism in the electorate. Hillary is getting around 60% of the white vote while Obama is getting more than 90% of the black vote. If Hillary was getting 90% of the white vote, the news would be filled with tales of whites and racism. Obama IS getting more than 90% of the black vote yet no mention of racism. Why not? Liberals are always wanting to have frank and open discussions about race, let's start here. Let's face it, blacks are voting for Obama because he's black. Deciding issues based on one's race is the definition of racism. Are black Democrats racists???


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