Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Love stupid people- The DRMS version

The DRMS is the government agency responsible for selling military surplus. They used to handle this all by themselves but a few years ago they contracted with a private company to handle sales to the public. This actually makes it much easier to buy surplus than it used to be. Surplus is divided into different classifications before selling. Some items cannot be sold and are destroyed. They don't let you buy bombs, nuclear submarines, and that kind of stuff. Now the morons at the DRMS have added camouflage clothing to this classification. Yes, camo clothing and gear are now destroyed rather than sold. How do the guys at the DRMS walk with their heads so far up their asses? You can buy the same stuff brand new in thousands of places but the government can't sell it because of "national security? To what kind of mindless bureaucrat would this make sense? Let's throw it away rather than recoup part of the taxpayers' money? What kind of thought process is this??

Since I buy and sell some of this stuff, I have received several notices lately. If I still have some of this stuff, they want me to return it so they can destroy it. What part of "sold" is it that the government doesn't understand?? I didn't buy this from them on a consignment basis. Can I return other junk that I bought and can't sell and get my money back? Of course not, it's a one way street. Hats(not camo of course) off to the DRMS, this week's Dumbass champions.


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