Friday, May 30, 2008

More Stupid Government!

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the State of Texas was wrong to take more than 400 children from their parents in the Polygamists case. Apparently, the justices were wise enough to realize that for the state to separate more than 400 children from their parents based on an anonymous phone call was a tad overboard. The state claims that older men were having sex with very young women and having children by several women. Several girls under 16 were reported to have children 2 or 3 years old. All of this was alleged to happen under the auspices of the church. How could this happen?

I'm guessing that the polygamists are modeling their behavior after the example that the government sets. Yes, the government. Go to a housing project in any large city and you can see the same stuff. Older men having sex with young girls who are having babies at young ages. The projects are full of men who have children by several women without the benefit of marriage. At least the polygamists went to the trouble of getting married. Is the State of Texas storming housing projects seizing children and giving DNA tests to determine parentage? Of course not, that would be illegal. You have to belong to some religious sect to lose your rights. At least they didn't attack the polygamists using the Waco technique.


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