Monday, August 18, 2008

Mindless Monday

The One apparently underperformed in his appearance on Saturday with John McCain and hosted by Rick Warren. In a case of sour grapes, Obama staffers are claiming that McCain must have known the questions beforehand. "He was so well prepared." Here's a thought guys, maybe he actually knows what he believes.

The Washington Post has admitted giving Obama three times as much coverage as McCain. No comment from The One's staff on this obvious case of racial discrimination..

The Olympic Games go on and on and on. If he were older, Michael Phelps could be elected President this year. Sunday night, I saw part of a Women's beach volleyball game. After the Olympics, they will probably lose the bikinis and move this sport to the Playboy Channel.

A small school district in Texas will allow teachers to carry guns to class. I am predicting a sharp increase in student test scores in that district this year.

Must be near a full moon? At dinner, my wife of 29 years actually asked me how Ted Kennedy was doing. After restarting my heart, I told her that I only Googled "Ted Kennedy" with "obituary". Nothing yet.

In Greensboro, the police arrested a restaurant manager for having tables on the sidewalk at 10:04 PM. Apparently they believed that this violated the city law that allows sidewalk dining until 10:00 P.M. Unmoved by fact that no one was using the tables during a driving rain, they hauled the desperado away. Greensboro, a city so safe that sidewalk tables are the highest priority in the crime department.

Only one week left until the Democratic National Convention. First the Olympics, now the convention. No wonder Elvis shot his television. They should make remotes in different calibers.

Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 or more per hour. Last month's increase in the minimum wage resulted in the busboys at work having their hours reduced. $9.00 per hour will cause their jobs to be eliminated. As a lifer in the government business, Obama has no concept of capitalism. Someone tell the One to call me for details.


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