Thursday, November 06, 2008

Palin for President??

Today's planned topic about Sarah Palin has been postponed to make room for a rant to reduce my stress level.

While at the Casville Fire Department to vote on Tuesday, I saw a group with a sign that read "ObamaNation". Another failure of public edukashon! The correct word is "abomination".

In yesterday's tirade, I left out a major step that the Republican Party needs to take. It's time to show Colon (deliberately misspelled) Powell's ass to the door. The Jamaican Judas waited until a few days before the election to announce his support of Obama. The Jamaican Jellyfish described Obama as a "transformational" man. I guess that Powell is experiencing memory loss. It was in the administration of Ronald Reagan(old white guy) that Powell's career was transformed by serving as National Security Advisor. It was another white guy, George H.W. Bush, who transformed Powell into the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Another white guy, George W. Bush, transformed Powell's career by appointing him as the first black Secretary of State. Colon sure has a strange way of expressing his thanks.

We need to perform a colonoscopy and remove this Powell polyp from our ass before it gets any worse. Please Colon, go help Obama!!

Kay Hagan defeated Elizabeth Dole in the race for a U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina. I might be able to tolerate a few minutes of Obama, but Hagan is more than I can take. I put up with her uncle, Lawton Chiles, when I lived in Florida. To have to put up with his niece is more than any citizen should have to tolerate. To watch Kay Hagan speak is like watching Goober Pyle do his impression of Bette Midler. Noooooooo!!! Normally one must hang out at a bowling alley to meet a woman of this quality. Electing this woman is proof that we need to require literacy tests of both voters and candidates.


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