Thursday, October 09, 2008

Catching up on Stupidity

The FDIC and the Federal Reserve can't decide whether Wells Fargo or Citigroup should be allowed to buy Wachovia. The Wells Fargo plan gives shareholders about $6 a share and won't cost the government anything. The Citi plan gives shareholders $1 a share and the government will kick in $42 billion dollars for bad loans. How can this decision take more than a minute to make?

FDIC- Frigging Dumbasses in Charge

Saw an NObama ad where he claims that he is going to pressure insurance companies to lower rates. I guess that as a lawyer he is incapable of discussing the cost of frivolous lawsuits on medical care. Medical care costs so much because doctors have to check for every possible thing for fear of being sued. Lawyers have convinced Americans that if your doctor doesn't heal you that you should sue. A surgeon told me years ago, "Doctors don't know everything. Sometimes, I just have to scratch my ass and tell you the truth. Hell, I don't know what it is!"

NObama also tells us "We are going to give you seven paid sick days a year." What he actually means is that the government is going to force employers to pay people not to work. The government has no sick days to give you.

NObama is obsessed with employers providing employee health insurance. I think that it is a nice job benefit, but require it? Not a frigging chance. What next, will employers have to insure your auto or home?

NObama also wants minimum wage at around $9 an hour. Nine bucks an hour for a person with no skills? Say goodbye to jobs for teens. I guess that as a "community organizer" you have no real contact with working people.

Is there anything left for NObama to promise people? Based on his promises, the lame will walk, the blind will see, etc.


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