Sunday, November 09, 2008

Has Albert Speer come back??

Albert Speer was the architect for the Third Reich. He served twenty years in Spandau Prison after the Nuremberg Trials for his actions. He gained favor with Hitler for his designs for Nazi Party rallies. He went to great lengths to provide memorable experiences for the attendees. After his designs for a rally impressed Mr. Hitler, he was appointed to his first national post. He became "Commissioner for the Artistic and Technical Presentation of Party Rallies and Demonstrations".

Why am I reciting Nazi history? Because President-elect Obama seems to have a thing for elaborate setups for rallies. At his Berlin appearance this year, Obama spent between $600,000 and $700,000 for his setup. That's a lot of money to spend in an election year for a rally for folks who can't vote for him.

How much did the Democrats spend for the Greek temple setup at the stadium in Denver? Why didn't he just accept the nomination at the convention hall? Was it nomination or coronation?? What did they do at Grant Park on election night? How much did the city of Chicago spend on The One's election night party?

Why bother to bring all of this up? Obama uses elaborate sets because they impress potential supporters. The idea is "support me and you can share in all of this grandeur".

Am I comparing Obama to Hitler? No, but I am telling you that they both employed similar techniques to impress the masses. They brought large crowds into elaborate settings and promised them the world. More specifically, they promised that they would change the world. Remember, Hitler won an election.

Who will the Democrats appoint as "Commissioner for the Artistic and Technical Presentation of Party Rallies and Demonstrations"?????


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