Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clinton Dark??

After a two year campaign promising that he would change the world, Barack Obama has decided that he was only kidding. After finding enough suckers in America to prove that Barnum was right, the other shoe has been dropped. There is no real change coming, just a rerun of the Clinton administration.

Barack promised bi-partisanship and then appointed the most rabid, partisan Democrat in the universe as his Chief of Staff. Rahm Immanuel is so partisan that there are Democrats who can't work with him. Obama's White House counsel was Clinton's impeachment trial lawyer. The list goes on and on.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State is sure to improve our relations with other nations. Leaders of other countries will agree to anything that will get the bitch out of their country and back to us.

During the campaign, Democrats attacked McCain as "Bush lite" and said that a McCain presidency would be Bush's third term. I guess that we are in for Clinton's third term instead.


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