Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A backlog of stuff

I didn't know what else to call this but it's late and I'm tired, it is time to spit it out.

Will Barry Bonds break the home run record BEFORE his personal trainer gets out of jail on contempt charges?? Life was easier when you went to a baseball game and the players didn't look like wrestlers. Did Bonds use steroids? To paraphrase the esteemed philosopher, Slick Willie, it depends on what the meaning of use is. According to Slick, Bonds didn't use steroids and Clinton didn't have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

One of Mike Vick's homeys has turned on him and copped a plea. Nothing like friends! I got your back, bro! Mike should save the legal fees, plead guilty, and get it finished.

The NAACP is urging everyone to be patient and allow the legal system to work in the VIck case. These guys should watch the videotapes of their comments on the Duke lacrosse players. Ooops, I forgot, those guys were white.

I actually saw several articles in the news about Hillary and "cleavage". There are two words that I never thought that I would see in print together. All I can think about in this discussion is the old joke about the "Hillary Special" at KFC. The "Hillary Special" is a bucket of chicken with two small breasts, two enormous thighs, and a pair of big left wings. Yeah, I know it's an old joke!

The NFL training camps have opened and the exhibition season will be starting soon. Greed is the primary reason for the exhibition season. Fans have to pay full price to watch a bunch of guys play football who will be selling cars in a few weeks.

The FCC issued a new set of call letters to a low wattage, digital station in Hawaii. In keeping with their rulings on decency, the FCC issued the call letters KUNT to the station. The marketing possibilities are endless. "It's not your father's TV station." As a child in Tampa, I watched "Big 13". Picture some Hawaiian kid at school. "I watched Harry Potter on The Big KUNT last night!". Does "Can't miss TV" become "KUNT miss TV"? Your warped mind is free to roam.

In other broadcasting news, the FCC also issued the call letters KWTF to another station. KWTF? What The F*** does that mean? No wonder they wanted Imus off the air, he was competing with them.


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