Thursday, July 05, 2007

Child Support Blues- Updated

A few weeks ago I wrote about a receiving an income verification form from Child Support Enforcement in the mail fifteen minutes after I had interviewed a guy.

The next day I received an order to withhold child support from his paycheck. It was dated the same date as the request for earnings information. Why send out a request for information and an order to withhold on the same day? Don't bother with asking what he earns if you have already decided what he has to pay. Is this just mental masturbation by the folks at Child Support Enforcement? Is it just a waste of time, material, and postage? Is it just doing things so that they can claim they followed the rules?

Shouldn't they at least make sure that the person is employed before wasting all of this time and resources confirming that people in vast government bureaucracies are mindless idiots?


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