Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can't wear a cross at Church????

My younger son graduates from Vandalia Christian School on Friday. Today was the baccalaureate service for the graduates-to-be. As my son walked into the church, I noticed that he had a cross hanging around his neck. I also noticed that other students had different medals hanging around their necks. Doesn't sound like much, right? Wrong!!

After the service, my son told us that he was in trouble with the principal. It seems that as they waited in line to enter the church, the principal saw his cross and ordered him to remove it. My son took it off and then when the principal walked away, he put it back on. I was angry because he disobeyed instructions from the principal. My wife was angry because he was ordered to remove the cross. I explained to them that by disobeying the directive, he had destroyed his credibility in any discussion about the wearing of the cross. He should have just stepped out of the line and spoken to one of us about the problem.

Why would a Christian School bar a student from wearing a cross? Much like the recent controversy over the Wren Cross at the Chapel at William and Mary, it makes no sense. If one cannot display a cross at a church, then where?? If a graduate in a baccalaureate service at a Christian school cannot display a cross in a church, then where??? There was a cross in the brickwork of the wall of the church, one on the Christian flag, one on the flagpole for the Christian flag, one on the altar and probably several others. Why not one more??

Students were allowed to wear medals for such accomplishments as valedictorian, attendance accomplishments, and academic achievements. But a cross that reminds us that Christ lives today and offers salvation is forbidden?? I am not a terribly religious man, I am a Methodist. But even to a Methodist, this makes no sense. The insanity level in this one is well off the charts, even by my standards.

Hopefully by tomorrow, sanity will have surfaced and we can all discuss this calmly. Graduation is Friday and I would hope that everything will fall into place. If not, there's always Plan B.


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