Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anna, Imus, and the National Felons League

Anna Nicole Smith's baby has finally figured out who her father is. DNA results show that Larry Birkhead is the father. Frankly, I was hoping it was either the dead geezer's frozen sperm or Bill Clinton. As Anna's "partner", Howard K. Stern, knows by now, it doesn't always go your way.

Someone called and asked if I would be filling in for Don Imus on the radio for the next two weeks. Short answer is "no". Why would I offend people for money when I can do it here for free? They pay Imus to be controversial, what did they expect? Did they think that he would be reading the Ten Commandments hoping to draw an audience? Would his comments on the Rutgers women have sounded any better coming from Chris Rock or Dave Chappell? You're right, there is a double standard.

Front page of the USA Today sports section yesterday featured pictures of 41 NFL players arrested since 2006, some multiple times. The score in this game was Black 39 - White 2. Readers are left to draw their own conclusions. Imus was not invited to comment. Editorial opinion- This is what happens when we treat semi-literate sociopaths as gods.

The North Carolina Senate has voted to apologize for slavery. The search is on to find a slave still alive to accept the apology. More worthless, feel good, meaningless crap from our lawmakers. Is there ANYTHING good this week from Raleigh??

I am still waiting for an apology from the Senate for my years of labor toiling away to pay taxes supporting a failed welfare system. I repeat my line from an earlier post, "Call LBJ in hell and tell him that his Great Society has failed".

New Orleans and the state of Louisiana are suing the Corps of Engineers for almost 300 billion dollars for damage from Katrina. The whole frigging state isn't worth that. That's even if you include the potential earnings of every crooked politician, every corrupt cop, every whore in the French Quarter, every drug addict on Bourbon Street, and the famed football team, the New Orleans Aint's. If you are there, get out now!! Grab a bag of beignets on the way out.


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