Saturday, March 17, 2007

Gripes and groans

Clinton fired all 93 US Attorneys, Bush fires 8, and the world is up in arms. Congress wants to know if Karl Rove had anything to do with the firings. We still don't know if Hillary had anything to do with the 93 firings, what's the hurry with Karl? Overlooked in all of this is that ALL US attorneys serve at the will of the President.

Scooter Libby was found guilty of lying about a crime that never happened. Unable to convict someone of actually breaking the law, prosecutors spend time trying to get hundreds of statements and then hope that some contradict. Can you remember every aspect of conversations that you had three years ago?? This is like the Martha Stewart case. Unable to prove insider trading, they charged her with lying. If lying were a serious crime, members of the Senate and House would all be wearing electronic ankle bracelets.

Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, told an interviewer that he feels that homosexuality is immoral and Washington went insane. Senator John Warner of Virginia criticized Pace. Warner was once described as "Elizabeth Taylor's fag hag" by Anne Coulter. Of course, Anne is in hot water for implying that John Edwards is a "faggot". Anne hit the nail on the head when she said that when you call someone a faggot today, you have to go to rehab. Evidently those in Washington have lost their minds and what remains of their moral compasses. They have confused tolerance with acceptance. It is not enough to tolerate homosexuality, one must now endorse it. Sorry, but I will pass on this one. I don't have time for rehab.

In the 2004 campaign, Edwards and Kerry couldn't keep their hands off each other at joint appearances. Frankly, watching two grown men, even Democrats, play grabass is more than I can take. In the primaries that year, I heard several Democrats refer to John Edwards as the "Breck boy". Any of those guys in rehab?

In local politics, Dianne Smellamy-Balls was rescued by the Pulpit Forum, who claimed that she is the victim of racism. Of course, everyone defended by the Pulpit Forum has been a victim of racism. The dictionary defines racist as someone who judges everything by race. Sure sounds like the Pulpit Forum to me.

How about that global warming? Disagree with the global warming crowd and you end up in rehab with the folks who don't endorse homosexuality. Could we use a little objectivity and common sense here? Of course not, we are talking about liberals. Thirty years ago,the story was the coming Ice Age. What happened??

Katie Couric has a new guy in charge of the CBS Evening News. Maybe he can get her Vulcan makeup artist to do something about those eyebrows.

I had a run-in with a credit card company last week. You have to love those guys. If you buy something, it is charged to your account in seconds. Make a payment and it takes a day or two to get posted. What is the believability level of this claim? Why don't they just own up to screwing people? Is there some magic in purchases that is not in payments?

Like the news media, the control of banking in this country is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer companies. You can't read about because they are holding the loans on the media mergers. "Don't bite the hand........."

In North Carolina BB&T, Wachovia, and Bank of America control most of the market share in banking. Consequently we have the highest banking charges in the country. A customer told me the other day that BB & T charged him $38 for an overdraft. I checked with my bank, not one of the big three, they charge $20. Of course BB&T can return it from a bigger building to you.

Last but not least, Al Sharpton is criticizing Barack Obama. I knew that once Al started trying to prove that he is related to Strom Thurmond, things would go down hill.

WAIT!!! One more item. John "Breck Boy" Edwards was in Greensboro this week. The headline in the next day's News & Record was "Chasing Black Votes". When you see a headline that reads "Chasing White Votes", call me.


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