Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thoughts- "Two Americas"

John Edwards is running for president on a theme of "Two Americas". Yeah, I know that he is the son of a mill worker, though more frequently referred to as a son of a ...........
Poor John has recently moved into his new home near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Just a little country place of close to 30,000 square feet on about 100 acres that costs somewhere between 4 and 6 million dollars. I think that John should be able to live in any kind of home that he wants. I also think that any ambulance chasing, personal injury attorney running for president would have to be a base idiot to move into this kind of house while talking about "Two Americas".
John, if you are really concerned about the poor, let a few stay at your place. You obviously have the room.

Nancy Pelosi, frequent critic of waste at the Pentagon, wants a bigger plane to fly home to California. Unhappy with the 12 seat jet that her predecessor used, rumors are that she wants the government version of a Boeing 757 to transport her. Once again, liberals demonstrate that every thing that they advocate does not apply to them. It is only their job to point out what the rest of us need to do.

I saw that Al Gore was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his warnings about global warming. In today's news, the government in Sweden is taking steps to feed the wild reindeer herds because a thick covering of ice is preventing them from getting to their natural grazing foods. Isn't Sweden where the Nobel Prizes are awarded? Have you fellows looked outside?? If Al is awarded the prize, will he have one of those big Suburbans that haul him around flown to Sweden to transport him to the ceremony or will he just take the bus??

Last Thursday, all of the weather forecasters were calling for 2 to 4 inches of snow and then 1/2" of freezing rain and ice for our area. Result, 1/4" of snow, no rain, no ice. Attention, all global warming forecasters!! Let's see, you can't tell me what is going to happen tomorrow but you claim to be able to tell me what is going to happen in 100 years. Are you crazy?


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