Sunday, January 21, 2007

Free the Duke three!!!!

Now that Mike Nifong has passed the case up to the State Attorney General, it is time to end the farce and drop the remaining charges against the three Duke lacrosse players.

I actually watched 60 Minutes last week to see the interview with Nifong's co-conspirator, Brian Meehan, the alleged DNA expert. After admitting that there was DNA from four men in the victim's underwear and DNA from another in her rectum( none from the Duke lacrosse team), he could not explain why this was omitted from his report. With all that DNA, that girl needed a traffic cop in her crotch. Were people taking numbers?? Did she just work from a waiting line?? Did any of that DNA match Nifong's? Wouldn't that explain everything?

If I lie to the judge, I have committed perjury. What is it when Nifong lies to the judge??

The alleged victim has serious problems. What is the DA doing to help her? Will he prosecute her for filing a false report? If not, why not? A judge has ordered a paternity test to determine the father of her new baby. How will they narrow the pool of prospective fathers to test? Can she even remember everyone who has been "intimate" with her? Will Elvis, Tupac, and Bill Clinton be tested? Sorry, I'm just kidding about Elvis. I haven't seen an unblurred picture of the girl but if she has big hair and big breasts, you have to figure Clinton took a shot at her. She only thought that she performed oral sex on Seligman, it was actually Clinton.

Next week, we discuss Mike Nifong's T-shirt business. I am sure I saw one that said "Hell Yes!! I will prostitute the law to get votes!!" Of course, the current best seller is the shirt with a smirking Nifong on the front and the phrase "DNA evidence" explained on the back. In Nifong's world, "DNA evidence" means "Don't Need Any evidence".


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