Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Reports from Nashville are that the late Saddam Hussein will star in a remake of the music video, "We were swinging". Proceeds will help the individual arrested for using his cell phone to take pictures of the late Mr. Hussein's drop to room temperature.

Keith Ellison, first Muslim elected to Congress, will use a Koran borrowed from the Library of Congress to take his oath of office. Apparently Mr. Ellison has asked to borrow this because it once was owned by Thomas Jefferson. Much has been made in the press of Mr. Jefferson having owned a copy of the Koran. Mr. Jefferson also owned slaves. Will Mr. Ellison have any at his swearing in ceremony??

Rep. Virgil Goode has been criticized for his statements concerning Muslims and the need to tighten immigration laws. Apparently those attacking Mr. Goode are not familiar with either history or current events. Is it just coincidence that so many terroist acts committed against this country are done by Muslims? Liberals want us to keep practicing tolerance until we have all been killed.

A story in the newspaper the other day lamented the death of Sadddam Hussein. It said that many people felt that he had been executed before we could get more information from him about his vast empire and activities. The same folks were opposed to any stressful interrogations of Mr. Hussein during the three years that we held him. I guess that they were hoping he would write some type of "tell-all" memoirs using O.J. Simpson's publisher.

The Democrats in Congress have decided that they are not going to start the promised "bipartisanship" until after they pass everything that they want in their "100 hours" plan. They are not even going to give Republicans a chance to read legislation before voting on it. This confirms everything that I know about politicians. They are liars and they don't even know what they are voting on. They should just go ahead and change the name from "Democrats" to "Socialists" and get it over with.


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