Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This just in!!

Charles Rangel of New York is helping the Democrats write off the South again in 2008. Rangel was quoted as saying "Who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?". I guess that the bloom is already off the "bipartisan" flower.

Let me answer that one for you, Congressman.
1. Anyone tired of putting up with uppity, know-it-all Yankees.
2. Anyone able to dig their way out of Buffalo in January.
3. Anyone who wants to walk down the street after sundown and live to tell about it.
4. Anyone who wants to get away from people stupid enough to vote for Charles Rangel.

Charles Rangel, a walking case for term limits.

Opened the mail at work today to find the shortest resume that I have ever encountered. On a sliver of notebook paper measuring about 2 inches by 5 inches, was a name and address and "Worked for Waffle House for 20 years." That's it! I mailed him an application with a note "We're hiring".

After two years of Hillary and Pelosi, even the slow learners among us will hate Democrats so badly that I could be elected President. Send those campaign contributions to ....................

I saw a picture of Bill and Hillary both smiling and some ridiculous caption about her in the White House in 2008. I can only assume that she was smiling because she can't wait for one of those Oval Office blowjobs that Bill told her about.

Democrats win on Tuesday, gas goes up ten cents a gallon on Wednesday. With gas prices rising at this rate, the Dems will probably make the Army walk home from Iraq.

Rep. Waxman of California says that his biggest problem is not whether to investigate but what to investigate first. He mentioned the War in Iraq and the government response to Hurricane Katrina, among other things.
Good thinking, Waxboy!!
First, investigate all those Democrats who voted to go to war and now are having their butts tattoed with "Hell, yes! I'll cut and run!" While the Democrats are fond of comparing Iraq to Vietnam, none of them have admitted that Kennedy and Johnson (both Democrats) put us in Vietnam.
After that, let's investigate decades of government projects that made people think that it was safe to build homes below sea level in New Orleans. Then let's call in all those folks who stayed around to loot at the Wal-Mart rather than evacuate the city. I guess leaving those big screen televisions at the WalMart was some kind of Republican plot. Was Cheney hunting that day?? Did Bush tell them not to use all those school buses? Since all of the elected officials in Louisiana tend to be Democrats, don't wait for this investigation to start.

Time to get on the campaign trail!!


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