Monday, August 07, 2006

Here's your sign!!!!!!!! Part One

We recently returned from vacation. We spent a few days in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a Hampton Inn in Lookout Valley, near the base of Lookout Mountain.

One evening, my older son came to the room to tell us that there was a bus stuck in the driveway. The Hampton was positioned on a rather steep hill. There were three driveways into the hotel. Two were posted with a sign prohibiting vehicles over 24 feet. At the third driveway, the sign was much clearer as you can see in the photo. We walked down to assess the situation. When we got there a wrecker driver was attempting to tear up the asphalt so that he could get a cable under the rear bumper and hook up to the base. With the angle of the bus, the rear bumper was wedged against the road. Ever helpful (right!), I walked down to talk to the Tennessee state trooper and two Chattanooga policeman.

I spoke to the trooper first and told him, " Look, I'm not a cop, a bus driver, or even a wrecker driver, BUT if I wanted to cut up all that asphalt, I would get my ass over to that Ace Hardware right over there and buy a chisel to work with on the aspahalt" The trooper told me that the wrecker driver had two men on the way to help him. We stood and watched a few more minutes as the driver and then his two helpers continued to hack away at the asphalt using a pry bar and a hammer.

We left to go to dinner. A couple of hours as we pulled back into the lot, they started pulling the bus out. They pulled the bus out only to find out that it would not go into gear. I tried to tell the trooper that the loud hissing sound was not normal. He wasn't remotely interested. When we left the next morning, the bus was sitting across the street waiting for a mechanic.

So, if you're a driver for "Calco Tours", I hope you didn't lose your job. It doesn't matter, Here's your sign!!!!!!


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