Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thank you, Mr. Young

Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta, former US ambassador to the United Nations, and golden boy of the Carter Administration, has confirmed what I have known for years. The news is out, blacks are racists also. Once thought to be the exclusive province of middle-aged, white, southern males, racism is everywhere.

In case you missed it, Andrew Young was interviewed by a Los Angeles paper in conjunction with his job shilling for Wal-Mart as head of "Working Families for Wal-Mart". In the interview he attacked Mom and Pop local stores whom he claimed had sold "bad meat..stale bread and wilted produce...." Then in describing the owners of those stores, "First it was the Jews, then the Koreans, and now the Arabs." Hey, I guess that as a former UN ambassador he had the obligation to smear people worldwide. Mr. Young no longer works for Wal-Mart.

Mr. Young did not explore the robbery rates at those local places. How many of those shopkeepers have been killed in robbery attempts? Nor did he explore the shoplifting rates at those local stores. Possibly he could explain why his constituents were stealing what he has described as inferior products. Next time Mr. Young should explore both sides of the story before putting his foot into his mouth.


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