Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

I read an interview with Jimmy Carter where he criticized Israel for an "unjustified" attack on Lebanon. Mr. Carter feels that it is OK for Hezbollah to grab a few Israelis and shoot a few rockets into Israel. Apparently dementia is starting to set in on the old peanut farmer. Reports from Hollywood that Mel Gibson was seen having a few drinks with Jimmy before this interview are unconfirmed.

Hey, you have to love those bureaucrats at the TSA with their latest security steps in airline travel. Eliminating any carry-on liquids, who would have guessed that one? The next step is to install urinals at security checkpoints to make sure that no one is smuggling liquids on board.

Speaking of airline security, wouldn't it be easier to look for bombers than bombs? It seems that almost all terrorists are young Muslim males. Why are security people feeling up forty year old women wearing underwire bras to see if they are carrying bombs in their breasts? Simple, the point for the federal government is NOT to prevent attacks. The goal of the federal government is to gain complete control over EVERY aspect of your life. From seat belts to fat in foods, nothing is too minor for the government to want to control. But I digress. If young male Muslims are carrying out all these attacks, why not focus on them? Don't waste your breath with the profiling argument crap. Checking the bra of a fifty year old Southern Baptist woman for a bomb is like clocking pedestrians walking down the sidewalk looking for speeders. It just ain't happening! There is profiling going on everyday. When a woman gets raped, are any of the suspects ever women? Of course not, they are looking for a male suspect. Isn't that profiling? If you are looking for someone writing bad checks, would you search a three year old? Of course not, but isn't that profiling? So if young Muslim males are blowing up planes, why does a fat, bald, pale as a sheet Caucasian, 53 year old Methodist have to take off his shoes and unhook his belt to get on a plane??

Shampoos, gels' and all kinds of personal care products have been banned from carry-on luggage. When did you ever see a terrorist described as a metrosexual?

THIS JUST IN!! TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) officials deny reports that KY jelly is being confiscated at security checkpoints and then sold to oil company for use at gas stations.(I just can't get away from the gas price thing.)

Interesting sideline on airport security and our government. You can stand at the end of the runway and lob ducks and geese into the air and eventually bring down a plane. A big bird getting sucked into a jet engine can cause serious problems. Wait!! We can't do anything about this. Several types of birds are protected species. I am fascinated by the fact that I can be removed forcibly from an airport but a Canada goose can't .

I have a concealed carry permit. This means I can walk down a busy street with a gun. I can't get on an airplane with nail clippers or shampoo. Does any of this make sense??


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