Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

1. July turned out to be LESS than the hottest July on record. It turns out that July 1936 was hotter. Was anyone talking about global warming then? Of course not. Roosevelt would have started some government program if that had been the case.

2. Dateline on NBC did a story the other night about Terrell Owens. Just when you think that they can't go any lower. I guess that the sausage eating champion wasn't available for interviews so they subbed an egomaniac who doesn't understand the word "team".

3. Hezbollah. Is that Lebanese for "religious idiot"?

4. In related news, I keep seeing news stories about Lebanese being killed in Israeli air attacks. Aren't there any Israelis being killed in Hezbollah rocket attacks? This is kind of like Hurricane Katrina, it only flooded black and poor neighborhoods. Turn off the television!!!

5. Tourists are being robbed and killed in increasing numbers in Washington, DC. Tourists may be safer in Baghdad. So naturally, every network newscast starts with a report on how many people died in Iraq today. Add the numbers of those murdered in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, and Washington every day. Compare it to the number of soldiers killed in Iraq every day. You do the math.

6. I heard today that tryouts have started for the new season of American Idol. WOW!!
Don't worry, I'm too old to compete. They don't have a sarcasm category anyway.


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