Monday, January 01, 2007

Road Rage

A few thoughts from the ride to work and back-

The other day on the noon news, the story of President Gerald Ford's death came AFTER the news that James Brown's body had been carried through Harlem in a horse drawn wagon. Reports that the wagon had 22 inch rims and spinners remain unconfirmed.

The Post Office will be closed on January 2 for the National Day of Mourning for President Ford. How many people at the Post Office were even born when Ford was President? It's not like they are going to sit home and watch the funeral. How about paying a real tribute to Ford? Why doesn't the Post Office open on Sunday and have all of their employees volunteer to work free that day?? Now that's a tribute!

A car blew by me on US 29 with a license plate that read, "LA WOMAN". Judging by the way the car was leaning to one side, I can only surmise that LA stands for Lard Ass.

I saw a Taco Bell billboard that read "Get Your Crunch On". It's bad enough that they are screwing up food, do they have to destroy the language also? Have you had their "Stuft Burrito?" Let's face it. This is advertising pandering to blacks. I guess that "Yo, Homey! We be putting cheese on everything." is just too blatant. Hey guys!! Stop thinking outside the bun.(It's your slogan)

Happy New Year!! In the South, many people have collard greens for New Year's dinner, thinking that the collards are good luck and will bring them money. I explained to an employee today that getting up and going to work every morning will bring you money.

On holidays, the phone at the restaurant rings all day with the same question, "Are you open?" The same people call on EVERY holiday. Today the monotony was broken with a different call, a woman called and asked how long to cook collard greens.
1. How smart is it to call a pancake house and ask for collard cooking pointers?
2. Why isn't there a Collard Cooking Hotline? They do have a turkey hotline for Thanksgiving. Don't collards deserve equal treatment? Call 1-800-FATBACK for more info on cooking collards.

Several years ago a woman called the restaurant and asked "Are you open?". "Yes, we are." "Are you really open?" "Yes." "You aren't kidding me are you?" "Lady, what answer are you looking for?" With that she started telling me that I had a bad attitude because I was having to work on New Year's Day. My response was simple, "I would rather work than sit home and call around asking restaurants if they were open and then arguing with the answer. Thanks for calling!"


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