Thursday, February 01, 2007

Politics as usual??

Joe Biden was busy today trying to explain his remarks about Barack Obama. I saw that Al Sharpton called Biden and told Joe that he bathed everyday. Thanks, Al. We all feel better now. Can Joe get Al to do something about his hair?

I saw the mayor of San Francisco apologize for having an affair with his campaign manager's wife. Hey! It was San Francisco, I was just surprised that it was a man and a woman. They might be the last heterosexuals left there.

George Smathers, former Senator from Florida, assumed room temperature last week. Legend has it that in 1950 while running for the Senate against Claude Pepper, Smathers would fire up crowds in rural Florida with statements such as "Claude Pepper is a practicing heterosexual." He also told people that Pepper's sister was "A working thespian in New York." Smathers routinely denied making these statements. Today, after eight years of sex education from Bill Clinton's administration, no one would be fooled by these comments.

I spoke to someone who objected to my mentioning that Genifer Flowers referred to Bill Clinton as a cunning linguist. In the Penthouse interview before the 1992 election, Ms. Flowers was even more blunt in her assessment of Mr. Clinton's "oral skills". Go read it yourself.

In the seventh grade at George Washington Junior High, we learned to diagram sentences. Mrs. Ora Adams spent a great deal of time covering this subject. I could see no use for diagramming sentences. Twenty five years passed before I needed to diagram a sentence. When Clinton became President, it suddenly all made sense. Thanks, Mrs. Adams.

In Greensboro there is a City Council member who in constantly demonstrating that the only thing with an IQ lower than the electorate is the elected. The woman's name is Diane Bellamy-Small. If you're bored, Google her name and see what stupid things that she has done lately. Or you can wait for my "City Council Follies" novel coming soon. It features a black, Irish, transvestite who does a great Popeye impersonation. Her name is Diane Smellamy-Balls.

On a more serious note, the US Senate, most of whom are running for President, today savaged General George Casey at his hearing to become Army Chief of Staff. McCain and all the other pretenders to the Oval Office ripped the general over the Iraq war. This brings back memories of the Joint Committee for the Conduct of the War, formed by Radical Republicans after the Union Army got shellacked at the Battle of Ball's Bluff in 1861. Do any of these guys know anything about history??


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