Monday, January 29, 2007

In to win???

When the freshman senator from New York, the famed carpetbagger Hillary Clinton spoke these words, she wasn't talking about the war in Iraq or any war against terrorism. She was speaking of her campaign to be the next President. Her comments about the war were more revealing. Hillary believes that we need to begin a "phased redeployment". That is "retreat" in lawyer/politician/liar speech.

If only the lawyer Lincoln could have coined such a phrase to describe the Union Army's sprint, make that mad dash, back to the safety of Washington after the First Battle of Manassas. Does every "phased redeployment" include racing past the civilians who were spectators at the battle?? But it's not like that was the only "phased redeployment" in our history.

How about Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden? After his army was routed, Gates was quickly on his horse beginning a "phased redeployment". He didn't stop redeploying until he was safe in Charlotte late that night. A 65 mile redeployment with such limited planning should have been worthy of praise. But apparently, George Washington, did not find Gates' redeployment tactics suitable for use. He replaced Gates with Greene a few months later.

There are those who believe that George Custer was in the process of a "phased redeployment" when Golden Hair at last ran out of luck. Stories that John Mosby sent the Sioux Christmas gifts are unconfirmed.

Is is obvious that Hillary must have learned this phrase from her husband, the famed wordsmith who once said, "It depends on what the meaning of is is." It is true that Mr. Clinton was so good with confusing words that Gennifer Flowers once described him as a cunning linguist or something close to that.

"Phased redeployment" or "retreat". It doesn't matter. Ignore the messenger. Just say no to Hillary!


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